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Membership Categories

Active membership is open to all registered professional nurses. What are the various types of memberships offered by IntNSA?

Regular Membership (3 Types)


U.S. Full Membership - $200
All registered professional nurses. Members are eligible to vote and hold office.

International Full Membership - $230 USD
All registered professional nurses living outside of the United States. Members are eligible to vote and hold office.

Retired Membership - $100
All registered professional nurses 62 years of age or older, who are retired. Members are eligible to vote, but may not hold office. Members will receive a 25% reduction in annual dues.

Student Membership - $75
All students enrolled in a nursing education program. Graduate or under-graduate student nurses are encouraged to join but cannot vote or hold an office. Student members may serve on committees.

Disabled Membership - $100
Members are eligible to vote and serve on a committee but may not hold office.

Associate Membership - $120
All licensed vocational/practical nurses. Members are not eligible to vote or hold office, but may serve on committees.

Individual Affiliate Membership - $150
All other persons or entities interested in addictions nursing. Members may not vote or hold office.